Fixed Bathscreens

Fixed Bathscreens


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Merlyn Black Fixed Square Bath Screen

Minimalist frameless design

8mm toughened safety glass

Lifetime guarantee

Anodised matt black profiles

Merlyn Black Framed Bath Screen

8mm glass thickness

Lifetime guarantee

Mershield Stayclear

Anodised aluminium matte black finish

MB5 Curtain Rail Bath Screen

Inline glass panel with bright chrome curtain rail

1500mm high

6mm toughened glass fixed panel

Lifetime guarantee

MB5A Curtain Rail Bath Screen

Inline glass panel with bright chrome curtain rail

1550mm high (Inc Rail)

1800mm Curtain Rail, can be cut to fit required space

6mm toughened glass fixed panel

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This type of bath screen has one single pane of glass that can either be fixed, or moved with a hinge or pivot bracket.

A fixed bath screen is one of the most popular styles, where the screen is fixed to the wall and over the bath. The simplicity of the design means you get a sleek look.
Plus, the fixed positioning and minimal features also make cleaning easy.
Some single panel screens can be opened outwards on a hinge. This allows for greater access to the bath or shower. An alternative space-saving option is a pivot screen. This mechanism allows the door to open inwards and outwards.

Single panel screens are often frameless, yet our new Black Range offers a selection of black framed bath screens for single panels. The black framing displays the screen in a striking and stylish way. Not only this, the elegant design will draw attention to the shower. View the Black Range here.

All MERLYN bath screen collections have square and curved options.

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