8mm Panel Regular Glass
ORDER CODE Glass finish Tray Size Wetroom Adjustment: min-max recess Handing
8W70MB regular 700mm 675-690 Reversible
8W70BBR regular 700mm 675-690 Reversible
8W70 regular 700mm 675-690 Reversible
8W70BBZ regular 700mm 675-690 Reversible
8W76 regular 760mm 735-750 Reversible
8W76BBZ regular 760mm 735-750 Reversible
8W76MB regular 760mm 735-750 Reversible
8W76BBR regular 760mm 735-750 Reversible
8W80BBZ regular 800mm 775-790 Reversible
8W80MB regular 800mm 775-790 Reversible
8W80BBR regular 800mm 775-790 Reversible
8W80 regular 800mm 775-790 Reversible
8W90MB regular 900mm 875-890 Reversible
8W90BBR regular 900mm 875-890 Reversible
8W90 regular 900mm 875-890 Reversible
8W90BBZ regular 900mm 875-890 Reversible
8W10BBZ regular 1000mm 975-990 Reversible
8W10MB regular 1000mm 975-990 Reversible
8W10BBR regular 1000mm 975-990 Reversible
8W10 regular 1000mm 975-990 Reversible
8W11MB regular 1100mm 1075-1090 Reversible
8W11BBR regular 1100mm 1075-1090 Reversible
8W11 regular 1100mm 1075-1090 Reversible
8W11BBZ regular 1100mm 1075-1090 Reversible
8W12BBR regular 1200mm 1175-1190 Reversible
8W12 regular 1200mm 1175-1190 Reversible
8W12BBZ regular 1200mm 1175-1190 Reversible
8W12MB regular 1200mm 1175-1190 Reversible
8W14MB regular 1400mm 1375-1190 Reversible
8W14BBR regular 1400mm 1375-1190 Reversible
8W14 regular 1400mm 1375-1190 Reversible
8W14BBZ regular 1400mm 1375-1190 Reversible
8W16MB regular 1600mm 1575-1590 Reversible
8W16BBR regular 1600mm 1575-1590 Reversible
8W16 regular 1600mm 1575-1590 Reversible
8W16BBZ regular 1600mm 1575-1590 Reversible
8W30BBZ regular 300mm 275-290 Reversible
8W30MB regular 300mm 275-290 Reversible
8W30BBR regular 300mm 275-290 Reversible
8W30 regular 300mm 275-290 Reversible
8W40BBZ regular 400mm 375-390 Reversible
8W40MB regular 400mm 375-390 Reversible
8W40BBR regular 400mm 375-390 Reversible
8W40 regular 400mm 375-390 Reversible
8W50BBR regular 500mm 475-490 Reversible
8W50 regular 500mm 475-490 Reversible
8W50BBZ regular 500mm 475-490 Reversible
8W50MB regular 500mm 475-490 Reversible
8W60MB regular 600mm 575-590 Reversible
8W60BBR regular 600mm 575-590 Reversible
8W60 regular 600mm 575-590 Reversible
8W60BBZ regular 600mm 575-590 Reversible
8mm Panel Fluted Glass
ORDER CODE Glass finish Tray Size Wetroom Adjustment: min-max recess Handing
8WFL70BBR fluted 700mm 675-690 Reversible
8WFL70BBZ fluted 700mm 675-690 Reversible
8WFL70 fluted 700mm 675-690 Reversible
8WFL70MB fluted 700mm 675-690 Reversible
8WFL80BBR fluted 800mm 8WFL80 Reversible
8WFL80BBZ fluted 800mm 775-790 Reversible
8WFL80 fluted 800mm 775-790 Reversible
8WFL80MB fluted 800mm 775-790 Reversible
8WFL90BBR fluted 900mm 875-890 Reversible
8WFL90BBZ fluted 900mm 875-890 Reversible
8WFL90 fluted 900mm 875-890 Reversible
8WFL90MB fluted 900mm 875-890 Reversible
8WFL10BBR fluted 1000mm 975-990 Reversible
8WFL10BBZ fluted 1000mm 975-990 Reversible
8WFL10 fluted 1000mm 975-990 Reversible
8WFL10MB fluted 1000mm 975-990 Reversible
8WFL11BBR fluted 1100mm 1075-1090 Reversible
8WFL11BBZ fluted 1100mm 1075-1090 Reversible
8WFL11 fluted 1100mm 1075-1090 Reversible
8WFL11MB fluted 1100mm 1075-1090 Reversible
8WFL12BBR fluted 1200mm 1175-1190 Reversible
8WFL12BBZ fluted 1200mm 1175-1190 Reversible
8WFL12 fluted 1200mm 1175-1190 Reversible
8WFL12MB fluted 1200mm 1175-1190 Reversible
Swivel Panel
ORDER CODE Glass finish Tray Size Wetroom Adjustment: min-max recess Handing
8WSV30BBZ regular 300mm Reversible
8WSV30BBR regular 300mm Reversible
8WSV30 regular 300mm Reversible
8WSV30MB regular 300mm Reversible
8WSV40 regular 400mm Reversible
8WSV20 regular 200mm Reversible

Left hand

Right hand


Left-handed enclosures open to the left, right-handed enclosures to the right. 

All of our trays are reversible, bar our offset quadrants.

The perfect fit shower tray

Complete your enclosure with a shower tray designed to fit

Choose from our luxurious handcrafted Truestone slate trays in a choice of designer colours or minimalist and ultra slim Level 25 trays to add a contemporary feel to any bathroom.

Stunning shower enclosures

Choose your bathroom centre-piece

MERLYN showers combine timeless elegance and superior quality, down to the very last detail. Choose from Chrome or Colour and multiple door opening and size options.


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